Seacom Faculty List

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Designation Full Time / Visiting Date of Birth Qualification
1. Prof. S. Chakraborty Director (Maritime Studies) Full Time 15.12.1946 MEO (CL-I)
2. Capt. A. Menon Faculty & Course Co-ordinator Full Time 31.12.1958 Master (FG) & External Surveyor MMD-Kolkata
3. Capt. P. S. Chakraborty HOD (BNS) Full Time 01.01.1961 Master (FG)
4. Mr. A. Banerjee HOD (GP Rating) Full Time 10.08.1969 MEO (CL-I)
5. Mr S K Dutta HOD (ETO/HV) Full Time 01.07.2016 MEO (CL-I)
6. Mr R K Paul HOD (SBCE) Full Time 17.08.1953 MEO (CL-I)
7. Mr. S. Dhar Faculty Full Time 01.07.1956 MEO (CL-I)
8. Capt. S. N. Chakraborty Faculty Full Time 16.01.1952 Master (FG) & External Surveyor MMD Kolkata
9. Capt. D. Bhattacharya Faculty Full Time 07.01.1956 Master (FG)
10. Capt. A. B. Das Faculty Full Time 02.11.1957 Master (FG)
11. Capt. V. Mehta Faculty Full Time 28.12.1957 Master (FG)
12. Capt S Banerjee Faculty Full Time 27.10.1972 Master (FG)
13. Capt. T. K. Guhathakurta Faculty Full Time 01.11.1957 Master (FG)
14. Capt. S R Das Faculty Full Time 01.09.1957 Master (FG)
15. Mr. S. Biswas Faculty Visiting 20.03.1983 M.Tech. (EE), Ph.D. (Perusing)
16. Mr. B. K. Dasgupta Faculty Full Time 03.04.1954 Diploma (EE)
17. Mr. S. Bera Faculty Full Time 11.06.1959 MEO (CL-IV)
18. Mr S Chattopadhyay Faculty Visiting
19. Mr P R Mukherjee Faculty Full Time 17.11.1948 MEO (CL-I)
20. Mr M Singh Faculty Visiting 08.01.1947 MEO (CL-I)
21. Mr. M. Choudhury Faculty Full Time 05.02.1954 COP (II Class), R/O
22. Mr. A. Sinha Faculty Visiting 15.08.1952 B.E. (Mech)
23. Mr. D. Ghosh Faculty Visiting 10.08.1964 MEO (CL-I)
24. Capt. N. Ganguly Faculty Visiting 18.05.1975 Master (FG)
25. Mr. R. Laskar Faculty Visiting 03.12.1964 MEO (CL-I)
26. Mr. D. Das Faculty Visiting 23.10.1951 B.E. (EE)
27. Mr. P. S. Bhattacharya COC GMDSS Full Time 08.09.1969 COP (II Class) R/O
28. Mr. S. Malakar Faculty Full Time 04.07.1960 COP (II Class), R/O
29. Capt. A. K. Ghosal HOD (BNS) Visiting 15.12.1945 Master (FG)
30. Mr. C. K. Majumder Faculty Visiting 25.10.1948 MEO (CL-I)
31. Capt. T. Lal Faculty Visiting 05.12.1960 Master (FG)
32. Capt. A. K. Mandal Faculty Visiting 02.09.1956 Master (FG)
33. Capt. S. Roy Faculty Visiting 28.11.1960 Master (FG)
34. Mr. S. Sil Faculty Visiting 03.03.1966 Diploma (EE) & E/O Merchant Navy
35. Mr. S. Chowdhury Faculty Full Time 12.01.1960 B.Tech. (EE), E/O
36. Ms. A. Mondal Faculty Full Time 06.01.1986 M.Sc. (Math)
37. Mr. B. Patra Faculty Full Time 01.04.1984 M.Tech.
38. Mr. A. Chatterjee Faculty Visiting 25.11.1989 M.E. (MECH)
39. Mr. N. Pal Lecturer Visiting 21.08.1962 B.Tech. (Naval Arch)
40. Mr. P. Dhar Faculty Full Time 09.08.1982 M.A. (English)
41. Mr. R. Mukherjee Faculty Visiting 06.12.1949 MEO (CL-I)
42. Mr. S. Goldar Instructor Full Time 01.06.1975 Ex Indian Navy
43. Mr. B. Rana Instructor Full Time 20.06.1974 Ex Indian Navy
44. Mr. R Bandyopadhyay Faculty Visiting 18.11.1970 M.A. (English)
45. Mr. R. Karmakar Instructor Full Time 14.04.1984 ITI (Turner)
46. Mr. A. Das Instructor Full Time 13.02.1952 DK/ SARENG
47. Mr A K Sengupta Instructor Visiting 06.12.1958 NCV
48. Dr. D. K. Chowdhury Faculty Full Time 29.11.1973 MBBS (CAL)
49. Dr. S. Mitra Faculty Visiting 01.01.1958 MBBS (CAL)
50. Dr. P. Roy Faculty Visiting 03.07.1948 MBBS (CAL)
51. Dr. (Ms.) M. Mukherjee Faculty Visiting 09.11.1947 MBBS (CAL)
52. Ms. B. Dasgupta Instructor Visiting 05.01.1984 M.A. (Psychology)
53. Mr. C Nath Faculty Full Time 05.06.1973 MEO (CL-I)
54. Mr. G Das Visiting Visiting 18.02.1958 B.E. (EE)