Seacom Campus Life


Being a fully residential programme, lodging facilities for the Cadets comprise of Quad Sharing rooms with presence of a duty warden, duty welfare officer and 24x7 medical supervisor. Food served is of mixed cuisine. The diet is well balanced and the food is wholesome.

Workshop and Laboratory

Well-designed and fully equipped Workshops are provided for Cadets. The workshops are equipped with lathe machines, shaping machines, milling machines, welding and gas cutting equipment, plumbing and carpentry equipment, bench and pipe fitting equipment, electric and electronic controls, hydraulics and pneumatics trainer, to impart in-house training to Cadets in the use of various machines and equipment. Cadets are also required to undergo some basic workshop training. SEACOM follows a very high standard of Safety and any candidate found to be flouting the safety norms will be reprimanded.

ECDIS / Ship Handling Simulator

The Cadets are given hands on training for steering practice on the Bridge simulator besides functioning of Navigation equipment like Radar, Echo Sounder, Electronic Charts Display is demonstrated to supplement the theory with practical.


Seacom campus has a well-equipped Library with technical books on all subjects to enhance the knowledge of the students and recreational books for their reading pleasure.


Time is allowed for recreation, which is today equally important for overall growth, and as a part of the training. SEACOM offers games like table tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, swimming, etc. Recreation room with TV and indoor games allow the Cadets to socialise and unwind themselves at the end of the day. A well equipped Gymnasium allows Cadets to work out and keep themselves bodily fit.

In-House Laundry Service

There is a bi- weekly laundry service for uniforms, sports wear, workshop attire and linen. The Rating will be instructed on the days of collection and delivery. There is also a local laundry service which the Cadets may utilise for their personal clothes, the cost for this will be borne by the Cadets themselves. In addition there is an in-house launderette with washing machines and dryers available for meeting daily washing requirement.

Computer Lab

Seacom has a state of the art, fully equipped computer lab with internet for training the Cadets in the use of Computers and IT. The Cadets are allowed to use the computers and internet for educational purposes and to make various projects as a part of their training.

Language Lab

Cadets are urged to use this facility which would enable them to acquire the verbal skills necessary for effective communication. The objective of the language lab is to develop and refine the language skills of our Cadets. It has its own software packages for training the Cadets.

Teaching Aids

Each classroom is provided with Laptops, multimedia projectors, audio and visual aids to promote innovative teaching methods.

Ship Visits

At Seacom we believe that it is essential to support the classroom teaching with practical training in order to boost the understanding of any subject. With this aim in mind, a number of ship visits are arranged for the Cadets during their Pre-sea Training time to enable them to see and experience the real thing, and to enhance their understanding of the construction and operation of various ships and their equipment.

Self Study

Self study and preparation time is allowed for cadets to assimilate the subjects, and the Duty Faculty / Instructor / Librarian are available to assist with any difficulties. Self Study is important for cadets to catch up on the daily studies.


Sports and exercise have an important role to play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and in order to promote and encourage the health and wellbeing of our cadets. SEACOM provide excellent fitness and gym facilities at campus.

Playground & Basket Ball Court

The college has an open-air king size cricket ground with a 400 meter track around it. Adjacent to this are sporting facilities for basketball, specialized cricket practice.