Seacom Alumni Association provides the ideal platform for its alumni to maintain connections to their alma mater and fellow graduates. It seeks to extend unique privileges and benefits to its members. The platform endeavours to support new alumni and provide a forum to form new friendships and even business relationships among its members.

Named coordinators from each department facilitate the association. Specific announcements are made through posted messages. Every month a new high achieving alumni is profiled on ‘spotlight’ on this platform and his success celebrated.

Resources in terms of news letter, journal and other Seacom publications are uploaded for the benefit of the members. Upcoming events at campus are posted at which all alumni are always welcome to attend. A specific facility is provided for members to connect with any other member of the association. Job opportunities are posted for members who seek change and advancement.

An annual reunion is planned to be organized the details of which will be available on this site. Seacom is willing to extend the opportunity to any alumnus who wishes to contribute towards this expense. Seacom also invites its alumni to sponsor awards and prizes for students which will be duly acknowledged.

An open invitation extends to all alumni to visit the campus to meet the faculty and speak and mentor the current students.