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As an alumnus of Seacom Marine College you are a member of a growing network of men and women making a difference in your own communities and the world. Through this website, we hope you will stay connected to your classmates, friends, and fellow alums, as well as the College as you are forever a member of the SEACOM Marine family.

The Office of College Relations is pleased to serve our alumni through sponsoring events such as Homecoming/reunion gatherings and the annual Admiral’s Dinner, keeping alumni connected with publications like the “SHIPMAG”, administering scholarships, and fostering connections between alumni and current students for outstanding career opportunities.

Our College is very fortunate to have alumni who care deeply about their alma mater and the students following in their footsteps. So many of our students benefit greatly from relationships with alumni, and the College is pleased to foster that relationship as best we can. Whether it’s supporting scholarships with donations to the Sallyport Fund or providing job opportunities for our graduates, the college is extremely grateful for the strong support of our alumni.

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