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Recruitment Process

The recruitment process conducted by a company involves the following steps :

  1. Selection a no. of cadets based on company’s principle for written / online tests.
  2. Personal interview of cadets who qualifies the test and shortlisted further.
  3. Screening of initial applicants using a variety of methods (eg, review of CVs, comparison of academic or professional qualifications held, pre-interview by telephone etc) to shortlist the most likely potential candidates.
  4. Selection of the best candidate from those shortlisted by utilising one or more selection techniques (eg, psychometric testing, group exercises etc).
  5. Effective induction of the successful candidate into the new role to ensure successful integration within the organisation and quicker operational deployment. To increase the chances of successfully negotiating the recruitment process, candidates must ensure that they apply their best efforts at each stage of the process, such as fully completing application forms, producing effective CVs and preparing thoroughly for interview.